About Zaitoon

Lahore, located on the bank of River Ravi, has attracted people from every corner of the country. They all needed decent places to live and work. Our ancestors realized the need and filled the gap between requirement and availability by creating Zaitoon which is now one of the most reputable and well respected industry leaders in real estate investment, development and construction due to its highest-ranking project management and quality standards.

Our vision is driven by the values of our forefathers and professional acumen by our directors who have been educated abroad in the relevant field. Till to date Zaitoon has made its mark on the skyline of Lahore through successful projects like Zaitoon Plaza, Centre Point, Land Mark Plaza, Japan and Lucky Centre. Realizing that Lahore is getting too congested and people need relaxed and peaceful environments while remaining within reach of lively life of Lahore; the Zaitoon has adopted the international approach of creating self contained communities for all segments of society in the suburb of the big cities. New Lahore City will be a true reflection of this concept which will be an independent sustainable community with its own alternate energy resource, hybrid infrastructure and linked to Lahore through Express means of communication. The two important features would be foolproof security arrangement and assurance of uninterrupted power supply, thereby meaning no outage no black outs

Zaitoon has a clear objective of making two important contributions. Making people’s life comfortable by providing state-of-the- art facilities for commercial and residential purpose and strong contribution to national economy through boosting the real estate development and strengthening housing industries.

Our SOP’s are being tailored by Earnest and Young. Partnership with such a global organization has helped us attain international standards of administration, financial controls, project management and customer satisfaction.

We are now endeavoring to meet housing/commercial requirements of the country by launching new projects in other major cities of Pakistan.  We are also establishing our offices in UK, USA, Middle East and other International places to facilitate Pakistanis residing abroad, to be part of a locality which will be envied in future. Well being of people, enhancement of standards of life and fuelling national economic development is our uncompromised objective.